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Aitor Bigas
Alex Sardà
Anastasia Alekseewa & Kirill Drobishevski
Anna Meléndez
Carlos STN
Heather Cameron
Irene Royo
Isis Uve
Julia Popova
Roger Guàrdia
Toni Amaya
Stefano Bona & Laura Fernández Antolín

Distance is a digital exhibition curated by Heather which brings together visual material shot by twelve different artists. It is also the name given to the first single taken from their debut LP, Union. This video is a compilation of this material.

Aitor Bigas is an editor who combines his work in video with music and artistic projects, having played in bands such as UniversJessica and the FletchersMujeres and Nova Nord. Aitor has worked under the command of outstanding directors including Luís Cerveró, Ramón Ayala, Albert Moya and Baltazar Klarwein; and photographers such as Alba Yruela, Rafa CastellsChus Anton and Txema Yeste. Music videos stand out amongst the projects he has worked on: Bishop Briggs, Wild Horses; Aliment, Razors and Beach Beach, White Clothes. He has then worked on fashion films for brands such as Vogue, H&M and M2Malletier and in adverts for companies like Nestlé, Uber and Tesla.

Alex studied direction of Photography at ESCAC and is a professional director, photographer and musician, based at the documentary production company Nanouk Films. He has directed music videos for AlimentFurgusonCARLA​ and Renaldo & Clara and also the experimental documentary/musical ‘Famèlic Sessions’ for the label Famèlic Records. He has also published a photobook about the band Mujeres and he is preparing a second one about his travels alongside Clandestine publishing house. He is a member of the bands Heather and Acción Diplomática and he composed the soundtrack of the 2016 film, “El camí més llarg per tornar a casa”, a film which went on to receive the Gaudí award for the best Catalan film that year.

Anastasia and Kirill are from Russia. They live in the woods and are fond of DIY culture. They run different visual blogs. One of them dedicated to drawing with custom iPhone tools, and the second one contains photos, taken with an old Nokia phone. Kirill and Anastasia also have two related music projects: Sobranie 8 18 and Sobranie 9 19, the latter of which is devoted to cinematic music and experimental soundscapes. Inspired by Lars von Trier, Andrei Tarkovsky and Béla Tarr, Anastasia and Kirill dream of making their own movie. They have another blog for their future film drafts.

Anna Meléndez (Barcelona, 1994) is a photographer and documentary graduate from ESCAC. Amongst other things, she directed shortfall María which was presented in the SGAE’s Sala Mompue, and she was director of photography in the visual essay El Milagro which was presented in MACBA. Currently she is completing her final project, an observational documentary about Badia del Vallès, a dormitory town near Barcelona which has the shape of a map of Spain, if seen from above. She also maintains an ongoing project called abuelosensitios (old people in places). This project, which is currently found on the platform Instagram, creates a voyeuristic viewpoint for the spectator as the subjects of the photos are shot integrated with the geometry of their surroundings. Other than that, Anna also manages a personal Instagram account which is dedicated to architectonic photography.

Karlst is a musician and video fanatic who bases his visual work on loops of static shots. The idea of creating a focal point within a silence or void by placing a video inside the same shot is something that plays an important role in his work. Through this placement, and by playing with symmetry on most occasions, he is able to show what the focus of that image is in relation to the space which is created around it. In particular, for this project he has attempted to extract as many images as he can which reflect the globalisation of a large city such as Berlin, paying special attention to modes of transport.

Heather is from a town in the west of Scotland called Balloch on the banks of Loch Lomond, one hour away from the country’s biggest city Glasgow. She studied Modern Languages before moving to Barcelona where she has lived, worked, and studied since 2009. She fronts Heather, the first ongoing music project she has participated in.

Born in Barcelona in 1998, Irene is a young visual artist who explores many different art forms including photography, abstract painting and video. She has recently worked with Victor M. Hidalgo from Futura on his last project, “Your first memory is already gone” (Angoisse, 2016) for which she created five paintings.

Isis Velasco is a costume designer and producer who combines her work in advertising and fashion with cinematographic and artistic projects. Her personal projects include her search for communication in an unknown environment through filming during a visit to Japan, the short film Horseface by Marc Martínez Jordán and also the music video for single The Never Never by band Phobophobes, directed by Tuixén Benet.

Julia was born in Volgograd, a large city in Southern Russia on the Volga river. She lived and studied there for a long time, to complete a degree. She is a book artist which means she is an illustrator, a book designer and visual technician. Through her education she was first exposed to painting, at first academically, but she then began to try new techniques and to experiment. Her first abstract painting exhibitions were held in Volgograd and Moscow. Two years ago she moved to Moscow where she lives and works as an artist, illustrator and designer. She is into line painting and illustration, comic drawing and sketching for fun.

Roger Guàrdia is a rising young director working internationally in music videos and commercials, approaching his work with a cinematic eye and a fresh and free style. Born in Spain, with strong family ties to the Barcelona music industry, Roger cut his teeth as a director working on music videos for local underground bands. He quickly graduated to collaborating with internationally recognised artists including Battles, Furguson, Mourn, NBT and Delorean and works for labels such as Warp, Captured Tracks, Sony Music UK and Matador.  Alongside his promo work, Roger has directed commercials for brands including Adidas, Unicef, Piaggio and Philips among others.

Toni was born in Palma in 1992 and came to Barcelona in 2011, first to study and then to work in the world of video alongside his great master and mentor Stanley Sunday. Tony makes pop music, animation, 3D ‘photos’, videos, mobile photography and a little bit of everything.

Born in Barcelona in 1996, Stefano creates objects that go beyond a concept or shape in an attempt to de-contextualise or move away from temporality. He believes that the role of a designer is to control how the internet distorts reality and to know when to distort it even further. Aesthetics are very important in his work and he explores it by constructing a graphic vision that goes on to defines him.

Laura was born in Valladolid in 1993 and now lives in Barcelona. Her work started through the research into the relationship between the body and space through clothing. She believes that wearing clothes is a form of discourse and is interested in how these discourses affect the body. For this purpose she likes to distort and agitate methodologies and materials in order to create symbolic creations, born out of her world of fashion. That’s how through this agitation aesthetics are always an important part of her work.

As a duo they use visual aesthetics in order to explore what they are interested at the moment. They mostly use analog photography to capture the magic of people’s actions but also digital images which, after postproduction, allow them to explore new aesthetics.